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Mr. Hasan Abu Talha
1. E-Notes of Maths-I (Ist Semester)
2. E-Notes of ICT Management (6th Semester)
3. Entrance Exam pdf of Diploma (2018)
4. Entrance Exam pdf of B.E,Computer (2017)
5. Website Suggestions & Improvements
+91 99999 99999
[email protected]
Mr. Zeeshan Alam
1. E-Notes of Computer Architecture (3rd semester)
2. E-Notes of All Subjects (4th Semester)
3. E-Notes of Computer Graphics (5th Semester)
4. E-Notes of Web Technology (5th Semester)
5. E-Notes of Java Programming (5th Semester)
6. E-Notes of Artificial Intelligence (6th Semester)
+91 99999 99999
[email protected]
Mr. Saif Ali Khan
1. E-Notes of Numerical Methods (3rd semester)
2. E-Notes of Object Oriented Programming (3rd Semester)
+91 99999 99999
[email protected]
Ms. Nashra Anjum
1. E-Notes of Information Security (6th semester)
+91 99999 99999
[email protected]
Mr. Anurag Jharkhandi
1. E-Notes of Signal & System (3rd semester)
+91 88602 93561
[email protected]

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